Customer: Private project.
My role: Product designer. 
Material: Leftover materials, Metal and Wood Workshop.
Duration: 1 weeks.
One man's trash is another man's treasure

All big institution have tendency to throw out many good functional things. The oslo school of architecture and design (AHO) is no exception in that matter. Every day someone throws away still usable materials. I worked during summer at AHO preparing school for next year. One of my tasks was to throw all things that student left behind. I have found magic mouse, tone of unused plotting papir, many mocha masters and the list just keep going on and on. 

I have tendency to scout garbage room at school  for materials. Normally i use those to make mockups, prototypes. It come to the point I had too much material just laying around my desk in a classroom. I've   decided to make something useful out of it. 

Turntable table are expensive and hard to come by, why not make one my self ? 

With all the materials I've found and some welding skils I've made a table. The process of this was quite unconventional. Amount of material dictated how table would look like- and that was real funn !! 

In addition to the table I've made a record rack from the rests of the material and a big chunk of leather I've found. Construction hold it self in place by friction and lather works as cushioning. 

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