I’m 24 years old designer, born in Poland, living in Norway since 2012, studying at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design. Currently I’m driven towards Interaction design, but I am also intrigued to work with other faculties of design.

I think as a designer it’s important to see things from different perspectives, and I think my experience from living in two different cultures, as well as visiting many others countries helps me to do just that !  
Design, for me, is a tool for impacting people and a chance to express my self.
From very young age I was intrigued by Architects. It was my dream to become one. What fascinated me about architects, was the fact, that after second world war architects didn’t just re-build buildings, they were shaping new societies. When I’ve gotten older I understood that Designers are Architects of new age.

BA Design, The Oslo School of Architecture and Design


Polish:  Native 
Norwegian:  Native-like 
English:  Fluent

Worked For

Student assistent for Solidworks and Keyshot, The Oslo School of Architecture and Design


How to work in team,  Andreas Wettre 2020

How to do field studies, Etienne Louis Vincent Mathieu Gernez & Kjetil Nordby 2020

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