Visual Noize
Customer: Personal project.
My role: Interaction designer.
Material: Projector, turntable, Touch Designer (software).  
Duration: One week.

Visual  was made to empower music experience in my room

I mix vinyl's at home myself and with friends. In some point I realised that it was not enough and wanted to make the experience even more special. 
I decided to create generative visualisation that interacts with the sound. 

I crated that by using program called TouchDesigner.

TouchDesigner is an amazing node based program written with Python. That enables possibility of connecting it with other programs that are written with Python language like Ableton etc.

Reaction of my friends to not finished visual that interacts with sound of clapping hands.  
This project inspired me to evolve it  to a new level that I will execute in near future. I'm planning to use motion sensor to generate music in Ableton, further that music will be translated to a visual image.

little sash to end it off....

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